Learning Everyday Conversational English

Learn General English-TEPTH

The world is changing and moving fast. Having remarkable command of the English language will help you move with the flow. Conversations, verbal or in text, should not be ruined because of language barriers. This haunts non-native English speakers the most when travelling to a foreign country for education or work reasons. Sounds familiar? Then this English course is for you.

General English program is the best suitable solution to improve your English language speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities. Moreover, it facilitates the improvement in different areas including vocabulary, grammar and functional English. Having a strong foundation will greatly help you in achieving your goals.

The Exam Preparation & Testing House (TEPTH) is offering this course either classroom or online based. Our experienced tutors are engaged to help students with the course they select to pursue. With focus on everyday English, we teach with practical that are certainly useful for your daily activities.

This General English course is designed for individuals interested to:

  • Improve their overall English language skills.
  • Travel overseas for education or work reasons
  • Enhance their professional career opportunities

TEPTH General English Course focuses on communication, vocabulary and grammar skills. This helps you build confidence and improve your conversational skills. This course encourages you to become active participants of the learning process by providing world-class services and a student friendly environment.