The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE-A) Exam is relatively new compared to the IELTS and TOEFL. English proficiency exams evaluate an individual’s listening, reading, writing and speaking capabilities. However, PTE-A is gaining popularity because it is the first exam checked using computer markings avoiding examiner bias for consistent scoring.

The different nature of PTE-Academic makes it little complicated for candidates while preparing for the exam. Facing the same trouble? Here are some useful speaking exam tips that will surely help you to achieve your desired score in PTE- A.


  • Do not forget to use correct punctuation marks like full stop, comma, or semi colon.
  • Your response must lie within 5 to 75 words while summarizing the text or else, it will not be scored.
  • Identify the primary idea for your essay and then the key areas to focus upon while writing. Be attentive because you might be asked to deal with specific point of views in your essay.
  • Start with proper introduction and establish your ideas one by one.
  • Keep the script focused and conclude appropriately.
  • Review what you have written for any mistake in grammar/spelling


  • Respond quickly. Microphone will stop automatically after 3 seconds of silence. Practice speaking fluently and nonstop.
  • Use the 10-40 seconds allowance before recording starts to understand the provided text. Make the best use of this time so you can deliver a better answer.
  • While speaking include as many points as you can. But, these must be significant enough to capture the listeners’ attention.
  • Stress on important words and try to use compound sentences.


  • Make short notes for the key ideas and supporting arguments. It will help you to build an influential response and ultimately the good scores.
  • Remember to always check your grammar and punctuation. In your sentences, always check for things like for things like subject/verb agreement, tenses and word order.


  • Build your grammar and vocabulary skills to go through reading section with flying colors
  • Use your knowledge of grammar to help you select the correct word.
  • Skim for overall meaning to help you choose the correct word. Understanding the meaning of the whole text helps you choose the correct word for each blank.