Tips to Achieve Your Desired IELTS Reading Bandwidth Score


For a lot of IELTS candidates, reading seems to be the hardest part that requires the most training. This article contains some techniques to make your training as efficient as possible. The IELTS Reading tips are designed to help you prepare for the test in the best possible way and will help you avoid some common mistakes.

Make the most of your IELTS Reading Test by following these suggestions:

  • Search for the title, headings and any special features including capital letters, figures, italics, tables and graphs
  • Make sure you understand the question and follow all the instructions carefully
  • Be particular about timings and do not spend more time on one passage or a question
  • Avoid wasting time in reading word for word and focus on reading what is only required. Do not panic if there is something you do not understand about the subject as all the answers can be found in the passages
  • Always check your spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Be particular in using the singular and plural nouns
  • Be mindful of the word limit and follow the instructions in the question
  • Try and understand the main point of each paragraph as each one contains a main idea and questions will focus on these main ideas.
  • The questions will appear in the same order as the answers in the text
  • Try to answer all the questions as there are no penalties for the incorrect answers
  • Review and check your answers at the end of the test

You may also view the link below for some additional tips on the IELTS reading test: