Tips To Get The Highest Score On SAT:

Hard work is surely the key to succeed but do not remember that Smart work will get you at the top too. Here are 5 smart tips to help you achieve top score on your SAT:

Have your own vocabulary list:

While studying through Prep guides, you will come across quite many vocabulary words that have been repeated again and again. Make note of them in a separate note book and emphasize on them more. Furthermore, there will be some vocabulary words that give you a hard time during learning their meaning. Write them down separately too so that while revising you do not waste time on the vocabulary words that you have no chance of forgetting.

Use different strategies for critical reading passage:

Sometimes, reading questions before reading the passage helps you formulate the answers better. Similarly, try different strategies so that you are better able to formulate the answer once you realize what way suits you the best and takes lesser time too. Try one strategy more than once so that you are sure about which strategy fits you best.

 Do not leave any MCQ’s blank:

Usually when you leave an MCQ blank accidently loses track and starts filling the answers wrong. For e.g, if you leave q no 14 blank, you might mistakenly fill the answer of q no 15 at its place and end up getting all the answers wrong. Scoring incorrectly might not cause you such a big trouble though. So, it is always advised to never leave an MCQ blank.

And always remember that if you are stuck somewhere then reading it again and again will sometimes help you either recall the answer or find a way to tackle it better. Best of luck!