The Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (or ECCE) is a standardized high intermediate-level English as a foreign language (EFL) examination. The ECCE certificate is recognized in several countries as official documentary evidence of high-intermediate proficiency in the English language and can be used for academic and professional purposes.

TEPTH, a CAMLA authorized test center in the UAE administers the ECCE, a standardized high-intermediate level English as a foreign language (EFL) examination.

The ECCE is appropriate for teenagers, young adults, and adults residing in any country where English is not a common language. The ECCE assesses all four component skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking through a combination of tasks in order to certify high-intermediate English language proficiency.

The ECCE Test registration service is offered by The Exam Preparation & Testing House FZCO for the convenience of the test-takers. We hold no responsibility regarding any issues related to the test result or scoring and we hold no control or involvement in the test itself, scoring or the releasing of the results. Seats are readily available upon registration. In case we could not secure you a seat, you can either ask for a refund or reschedule for the next available test date. It is advised that before booking the exam using our registration service, candidates should contact our TEPTH Coordinator to check seating availability.

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