Refer a Friend & Win

With our Loyalty Program "Refer a friend & Win", you can earn AED 75 for every friend you refer. Even better, your referred friends will also enjoy AED 100 discount on the selected course fees. As this is a win-win strategy, you can refer as many friends as you wish.


Refer a friend or a colleague to one of the selected exams in the referral form below and earn AED 75 for every friend that books the exam through us. You will get paid in cash the day after your friend has taken the test.

  • Maximum number of referrals that can be made per exam session is 26. Please check with our exam preparation and testing services coordinator on how many seats are left as the seats might have been already taken.
  • We hold no responsibility regarding any issues related to the test result or scoring or so on. We have no control or involvement in the test itself, the scoring of the test or the release of the results.
  • Candidates registering through this referral program and others who register themselves online will be treated the same while taking the test at our center.

How to Refer:

  • Social Media: Tell your friends and colleagues about us and our courses on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram..etc.
  • Spread the word: Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and class-mates about us and our courses and get rewarded.

How does the referral program work?

Simply, complete the following online form with the required information. Once your friend joins and pays the course fees, we will pay you in cash within 30 days. For exam referral, you will get paid in cash the day after your friend has taken the test. Please bring a copy of the completed referral form which was sent to your email upon payment collection.