General English Classroom Based Course

General English Classroom Based Course

Students should take the placement test before registering for any of the below levels. Students who do not take the placement test may not be allowed to register for this course.

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Course Description:

Speaking, listening, writing and reading are four key communication skills in any language.TEPTH understands the need to improve English language and conversational expertise for international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, or GMAT. TEPTH now offers a General English Course to improve your English language communication skills allowing you to excel in life. This standard course intends to motivate you to make progress in your respective fields. From beginners to intermediate, pre/post intermediate and advanced level, this practical and useful course will help you to learn and speak English quickly and easily. You can pick any either classroom-based or online course packages for your convenience.

TEPTH is committed to making you a fluent speaker of English in everyday situations. We will provide you with all necessary practice and support required to enhance your English speaking proficiency. You can take this course in group or in private and it will run for six weeks in flexible timings. This course is crafted by professionals perfectly balancing combination of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons. All modules are designed around the textbooks and are augmented with interesting materials from varying sources including the internet and newspapers.        

Additional information:

Interested individuals have to take the placement test before registering for this course. In this course you will be encouraged to participate actively in different tasks and discussions using different accents.

On course completion, you will receive a personalized evaluation report plus a certificate of endorsement for ‘General English Course’ from TEPTH.