General English Online Course

General English Online Course

Students should take the placement test before registering for any of the below levels. Students who do not take the placement test may not be allowed to register for this course.

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TEPTH offers an online General English Course to improve English language proficiency. This General English online course is designed to improve your English communication skills by focusing on all perspectives to augment your communication expertise just like the native speakers. This course is for all individuals from beginner level to advanced level.  It offers you the flexibility to study from wherever you like and it is exclusively designed for those who want to take the privilege of private online coaching.  In this one-to-one online course, our professional English instructors will set the schedule for classes as per your ease and availability.  However, you will have to appear for forty classes in total. This means you are required to spend six hours per week with your allocated tutor. You can opt for any of the three days as per your availability.  

We know stimulating activities are imperative and ideal for language learning; this online course will surely support you in learning English through various activities. Our friendly yet professional mentors will remain in contact with you through our online platform and emails. Placement tests are necessary to adequately access your current understanding and enables us to recommend level courses accordingly. Each level requires a certain passing mark to register for our TEPTH General English Online courses. As you complete this course with TEPTH, you will receive the endorsement credential for ‘General English Online Course’ together with personalized assessment report.