GMAT Online Course

GMAT Online Course

Online GMAT Preparation Courses in Dubai

Welcome to TEPTH's dedicated section for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

We offer these courses to help increase the chances of bachelor's degree holders and undergraduates in qualifying for and completing a graduate management programme.

As part of our online GMAT programme, we will provide you with the highest level of educational materials. These are simplified into different categories to help you successfully prepare for your exam.

We advise that you contact us before ordering a course so a specialist from our team can help you identify the courses best suited for your educational needs, expectations, and long-term goals.

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Course Description:

The GMAT exam is designed to help evaluate if a student is qualified and ready to take a graduate programme in management (e.g., MBA). Taking the test demonstrates a person’s serious commitment to pursuing a higher degree in business studies. As such, internationally recognized graduate business programmes consider this test as part of their admission. If you are intent on getting admitted into a foreign business school, joining TEPTH’s GMAT classes in Dubai is the best course of action.

Our in-depth prep classes will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve results that prove your worth. These classes delve into the four key sections covered in the GMAT international exam: analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative, and verbal.

Examinees are given a total of *three and a half hours (3.5 hours) to complete all these sections, which are further segregated into different questions. A GMAT prep course from TEPTH will prepare you to finish the test within the given limit.



Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

30 minutes

Integrated Reasoning

30 minutes


75 minutes


75 minutes

*Examinees should expect a total time of 4hours with breaks.

GMAT Score:

Test takers will receive a total of five scores, including scores for the above-mentioned sections. The result of the test is valid for five (5) years, and it highlights your expertise and qualifications to elite business schools.

  1. Total exam score ranges between 200 to 800 points.
  2. Score for Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) ranges from 0 to 6, with half-point intervals.
  3. Score for Integrated Reasoning ranges from 1 to 8 in single-digit intervals. No partial credit is indicated.
  4. Quantitative and Verbal sections have scores ranging from 0 to 60 points.

Takers of the test are advised to avoid leaving questions unanswered as this significantly decreases their points.

For more information on our GMAT programme, call TEPTH on +971 (0)4 3333616 or email

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