IELTS Online Course

IELTS Online Course

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Extensive IELTS Preparation Courses in Dubai

The International English Language Testing System is a globally recognised English language proficiency test. Individuals seeking to study, work, or migrate to an English-speaking country are required to take and pass the test.

IELTS is recognised by more than 10,000 organisations across 135 countries, including educational institutions, companies, governments, and professional associations..

Course Description

TEPTH’s Online IELTS programme covers all the core lessons and activities necessary to completely prepare applicants for their IELTS test. Our programme includes in-depth lectures and question samples, as well as easy to understand explainer videos and interactive vocabulary sessions.

Applicants can get a good grasp of what to expect from their actual IELTS exam in Dubai with practice tests and quizzes conducted by our highly-qualified instructors.

The programme implements a private one-to-one approach which is tailored to the registered candidate’s specific needs and English proficiency. Experienced instructors will guide students in developing their abilities to read, write, listen, and speak in English, with the end goal of helping them reach the required score for admission. Candidates that are at a more advanced level would also benefit greatly from the course, which tackles core topics and sections that will be included in the test.

Online IELTS classes

The programme is conducted through online sessions, giving users around the globe the convenience and flexibility to join and review for their IELTS. Near the end of the course, candidates have to take an IELTS Complete Practice Test in Dubai, the results of which will be reviewed to pinpoint areas for improvement and formulate a fitting study plan.

Our online course is the ideal option for candidates who wish to improve their overall ability to communicate in English, as well as benefit from a personalised assessment and feedback.

Find out how you can start preparing for your exam by giving us a call at +971 (0)4 3333616 or sending us an email at

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