MELAB Classroom Based Course

MELAB Classroom Based Course

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Michigan English Language Assessment Battery, like IELTS, evaluates the advanced-level English language competency of non-native speakers of English. It is actually an alternative exam to TOEFL acknowledged by many educational institutions in USA, UK and Canada.

MELAB is introduced for:

  • Students applying to American, Canadian, British, and other foreign colleges or universities where medium of instruction is English and they accept MELAB.
  • Professionals who need to prove their communication skills in English for overseas work or training programs.
  • Any person interested to obtain a general assessment of their English language expertise either for educational opportunities or employment purposes

It is one of the most secure tests and only the authorized official examiners or testing centers can administer it. It is candidate’s responsibility to check for the English proficiency requirements for his/her specific program.


Listening and GCVR test sections are computer-scored. Each correct answer will contribute to the final score for each section with no point-deduction rule. Writing and speaking sections will be graded certified examiners according to internationally recognized standard scales system.   

  • Officially there is no passing score on the MELAB test. Different educational institutions and working organizations that accept MELAB scores may have set requirement of certain minimum scores. Candidates must meet that required score to pursue their dreams.
  • Candidates will get unofficial copies of their MELAB score reports, issued by the test center where their MELAB exam was administered.