Online English Course

Online English Course

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Course Description:

Let’s Talk is an online Spoken English Course offering 45 lessons. Our online English learning course revolves around essential and useful learning techniques to effectively strengthen your communication power so that you can connect and talk to others fluently in English. During the course you will be provided with the opportunity to learn how to communicate better for everyday conversation. Different discussion sessions have been included to keep you focused throughout the course. Learn how to speak English like a native speaker and stand out from the crowd. You can choose from three different accents; mainly British, American or Canadian.        

You can go for any of the three course packages including:

·         15 hours course: AED 175/hour

·         30 hours course: AED 165/hour

·         45 hours course: AED 150/hour

TEPTH takes pleasures in announcing that Let’s Talk is not just an educational online course but a fun way of learning how to speak English immaculately. We have appointed well-qualified and fully capable native English teachers who can focus on helping you to learn to speak fluently. 

Benefits you can reap from Let’s Talk:    

·         It’s an online course and therefore you can join us from the comforts of your own time and personal computer. 

·          It’s the most convenient way of learning spoken English basics and tactics without leaving your home or office.

·         Learning from Native English speaking instructors will empower you to speak English confidently.

·         Worry free attendance issues once registered with Let’s Talk.

·          This course is available in different accents including American, British and Canadian. 

·          Good number of discussion rounds in the course that will increase your knowledge and vocabulary.