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Study for the Pearson Test with our PTE Test Center in Dubai, UAE

Those who are aspiring to study overseas or migrate to another country undergo language skills tests to ensure a seamless transition into a new environment.

The Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE-A is one of the tests used by countries whose official language is English. It is basically a computer-based exam that examines and measures a test taker’s ability to use the English language in practical, everyday situations. The examination includes sections to measure reading, writing, speaking, and listening proficiency.

PTE-A Test Preparation Course Description

TEPTH offers a course that prepares individuals for the PTE-A Exam in Dubai. We have professional instructors who can assist in in-depth skills development and exam strategies. Sessions are designed to have one instructor per test taker, which allows instructors to focus on the specific needs of the learner over a four-week period. This improves the chances of success during examination.

The primary target audience of this course are learners who already have an intermediate to advanced understanding of the English language.

Pearson Test Practice Exam

The course culminates with students taking a practice PTE-A Test. This allows our in-house experts to evaluate the performance of each tester, and determine whether you have the level of proficiency required to pass the Pearson English Test. Examiners are furnished with detailed test results to help them identify which areas need improvement. Our team of instructors at TEPTH can also provide each student a personalised study plan to help them prepare for the Pearson English exam. Students who successfully finish the course are awarded a completion certificate.

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