TOEFL IBT Online Course

TOEFL IBT Online Course

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Online Courses in Dubai for TOEFL Preparation

The Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam that measures language proficiency in non-native speakers that are seeking to enrol at universities within USA. This standardised test is used by a huge number of academic institutions, and international students are often required to pass at the desired level to gain admission.

To prepare participants for the exam, TEPTH offers an online TOEFL preparation course in Dubai taught by native English speaking instructors. In this private course, the candidate will determine the lesson timings and program duration after the assigned tutor's consultation.

Various Packages to Suit Your Requirements

You can opt for any of the three packages, including:

  • Self-tailored TOEFL iBT Tutoring
  • Online Individual TOEFL iBT Course
  • Online TOEFL iBT Intensive Course

You can add up to 36 hours for any of these one-to-one live tutoring options — these sessions are charged at AED 200 per hour. These courses will be organised in line with your needs. Interested individuals, however, must remember that our TOEFL courses in Dubai are not introduced to improve their Basic English level skills. TEPTH utilises all advanced distant learning strategies and technologies to give you the best services possible.

Students will be provided with instructor-led video sessions, testing samples, and study materials to improve their skills and provide exceptional test preparation. To give you a realistic testing experience, we have designed a Complete Practice Test which you must have to take as the course ends. You will get personalised evaluation and certificate of online course completion from TEPTH.

We encourage you to get in touch before selecting a program so that one of our experienced team members can help you make the most appropriate choice based on your needs. To contact TEPTH, call +971 (0)4 3333616 or email today.

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