TOEFL® Practice Online

AED 300.00

Having TOEFL Practice online, the only official practice pack, will ensure competitive preparation allowing for better results. 

: The practice test offers the following 

·         Four skills Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing

·         Mock testing as in actual test

·         ETS practice test supporting your preparation

·         Instant feedback and score indicators advising you of your competency 


Scoring criteria is as follows:

Reading and Listening:

The score scale falls between 0-30 and is determined according to the number of right and wrong responses by the candidate.


The fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are judged on a scale between 0 -30. SpeechRater™ program is used to determine the speech proficiency of a candidate and sends score automatically after completion. 


A feedback analysis with rating of 0-5 on each of the two writing tasks is provided. A scaled score between 0-30 is given along with detail analysis of performance in the test.

Practice Test Contents:

Reading section: Three academic reading passages which determine your ability to comprehend using the glossary and a review option.

Listening Section: Four lectures with two practice conversations, some lectures having classroom dialogues; notes may be taken.  The section measures the ability to comprehend and analyze the listening content.

Speaking Section: Six tasks comprising of two independent tasks requiring the candidate to speak on topics and four integrated tasks requiring the candidate to multi-task using more than one skill to respond. For instance, listening to a conversation to generate a response.

Writing Section: Two tasks to measure the note taking and response writing skills based on listening or reading of content. The second task involves writing according to the candidate's own experiences.

System Requirements:

    • Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 3, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

    • TOEFL® Practice Online does not currently support Mac® or Linux Operating Systems

    • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Google® Chrome, or Firefox®

    • Installation of the Audio Browser for Windows OS

    • Installation of Flash plug-in (version 11 or higher)

    • A headset and a non-voice activated microphone are recommended for the Speaking section

Terms of Use:

This product is for one-time use only and must be completed within 6 months. Once started, the test can be used in 1 of 2 modes, timed or untimed. In either mode, you can exit, come back and restart the practice test. ETS reserves the right to discontinue the product 6 months after purchase.

Delivery Method: 

- The TOEFL IBT Practice Online Access Code will be sent to your email electronically. It is your responsibility to confirm that the email address provided below is correct. TEPTH holds no responsibility for voucher loss if it is not sent to the intended recipient’s email address.

- Delivery Duration: 1-2 business Days from the purchase date

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